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    SS Express is constantly looking for ways to create a friendly and supportive environment. When you partner with us, you’ll be a member of our team, our family.

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    Here’s what our drivers had to say about our family:

    SS Express LLC has great Work-Life balance. As an LTL driver, I go home every night and spend the weekends with the family. The company accommodates any reasonable time-off requests. Driver pay is at or close to the average truck driver salary nationwide. The take home pay is unmatched. Thanksgiving and Christmas are paid holidays. Management team at SS Express LLC is great. Communication lines are always open. The warehouse team know their drivers by name. Dispatch is reliable and friendly. Expect to be treated like family. SS Express LLC has small fleet of late-model trucks and trailers. A dedicated mechanic is located near the warehouse for any maintenance issues. So, maintenance is prioritized at SS Express LLC.

    Ahmed, SS Express - Driver

    I have been working here at SS Express for almost 3 years.  I like it, it’s a cool place to work. I was over the Road before for a long time, But I decided to come home, I like working here I’m home every night and on the weekend’s, I love being home with my Family. The Dispatcher is nice and friendly, The Boss is super cool, My colleagues are nice, We get along very well. I drive a nice truck, The pay is good. The forklift Driver is one of the best forklift drivers I ever meet, So am happy and who knows if the money is right and everything cool, I can see myself working here for a very long long time, Maybe for Life 😀😀😀

    Florin, SS Express - Driver

    I’ve been working for SS EXPRESS for about 5 yrs now. I’ve worked for the Bigger Companies such as SHNEIDER NATIONAL, KNIGHT TRANSPORTATION and SWIFT. And as we know with those Bigger Companies your just a Number they tell you everything you want to hear and Promise you everything under the Sun to come on Board with them, and sadly all you get is empty promises and being let down. Although here at SS EXPRESS I’m completely content with how I’ve been treated. My Boss Sam and Dispatch Richard do what they can to make being here a worthwhile experience, always working with the Drivers to assist them with whatever needs they have so that you can be successful and help future growth. In closing SS EXPRESS is a great place to work. 1 more thing here you are not just a number you a part of a Great Team. The only Numbers here are on our Trucks and Trailer’s.

    Aristeo Gastelum, SS Express - Driver

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