About Us

Our Main Goal

is to completely take the burden off your shoulders once you entrust us with your load.


Your load will reach its destination, period.

Our History

We started SS Express in 2011 with one truck to our name. With hard work and diligence we believed we could grow.

We now have tens of trucks and an amazing staff to be proud of.

We carefully maintain our fleet as well as a high standard for our professionally trained and employed drivers.

Our Team

All members of our staff are rigorously screened and especially selected to join our team. We like to think of ourselves as a family: everyone contributes and shares the benefits of our labor.

A satisfied staff leads to priceless customer service and peace of mind knowing that clients’ goods are in capable hands.

Samuel Bodea

General Manager & CEO

Samuel is one of the founding owners of SS Express. His vision from the beginning has been a family-like environment for his staff where each team member feels appreciated for who they are and what they do. His tremendous work ethic has grown him into the knowledgeable leader he is today, having served in every position including driving, scheduling, logistics, loading/unloading, and even mechanics. This enables him to be an advocate for his team and appreciative of all their hard work.

Because he deeply values honesty and integrity, Samuel is mindful of his promises and keeping his word is sacred. Leading by example, he promotes this code of conduct among his staff and in the very identity of SS Express. Samuel knows that like anything truly great, he cannot do it alone. He, together with his team, are like a well-oiled rig, riding as one. His team is his family.

Richard Neamtu

LTL Dispatching

Richard has been the heart of the LTL department for many, many faithful years managing everything from dispatching to scheduling and everything in between. He is an exceptional team leader and motivates by leading with sincerity, honesty and integrity.

He applies his hard-working, knowledgeable and reliable nature to every step of the process, making him unparalleled in his attention to detail. Richard’s undying loyalty for SS Express and its team gives everybody wings and inspires the company to aim higher and higher. A great friend as well as partner, Richard is a tremendous asset to SS Express.

Andrew Sferle

OTR Dispatching

Another important member of our SS Express family is Andrew, whose persistence ensures that every task is executed according to the highest standard. Andrew’s mark is honesty and a willingness to take one for the team. If Andrew gives his word, rest assured, it will be delivered as promised.

Andrew is a quick learner as well as our OTR Specialist here at SS Express, Andrew’s insight is very valuable to our team as we continually look for ways to improve our systems and progress forward.

Simona Bodea

Safety & Human Resources

Simona is another vital board member of SS Express as well as a hard-working mother, wonderful wife, and exceptional business partner. Simona is not only people-savvy, but also digitally savvy, turning everything she touches into gold. From the beginning, her insight and counsel have helped shape the company into the sturdy structure it is today.

When it comes to our human resources department and managing a variety of issues, she is a real “mother” to our family here at SS Express. Simona is truly one of the kindest people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting as well as one of the most laser-focused, greatly complementing Samuel as they mature SS Express into all it can be for the Southwest and greater United States.

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Here’s what people had to say about our services:

At SS Express we have a great team of drivers, warehouse personnel, and management. We go above and beyond making sure deliveries are on time and customers are happy with our services. I’ve been working at SS Express since late 2015 and to be a part of a company that operates at a high efficiency rate and continues on growing is something I’m truly grateful to be a part of. It’s a great environment to work in and everyone is respectful and hardworking.

Richard Neamtu, SS Express - LTL Dispatching

SS Express is passionate and ambitious in providing top industry techniques and by developing better practices to deliver. The best part of the company is the people associated with it. Their contribution to the company is commendable. The professional approach towards reaching highest standard makes it a solid trucking/warehouse establishment. I am looking forward to enduring more years at SS Express LLC.

Andrew Sferle, SS Express - OTR Dispatching

Our experience with SS Express has always been positive. They have fulfilled all our needs when it comes to coverage no matter how many or little loads provided and even go above and beyond to help cover loads at the last minute. SS Express’ dispatch is very pleasant, responsive and prompt with all load updates…I highly recommend them.

Lisa Schmitt, Fairchild Freight, LLC.

Professional, excellent service, a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend this carrier to any customer or broker looking for a solid carrier.

Jaysen Willis, Fresh Freight, LLC. - Carrier Sales Manager

SS Express were wonderful, with the brief business that I had with them the experience was quite pleasant in an industry that is usually not. We had been running some California loads going to Chicago. Withe that being a normal lane of mine I am used to Chicago carriers…Chicago carriers are notorious for high prices and horrible service. It was refreshing to work with SS Express for they were competitive in price and excellent in service. Communication is key in this industry, SS Express’ personnel would email and call in updates without being asked. Never had issues with trucks being late and if there was ever a potential issue I would be notified immediately. This is something that you cannot put a price on. I very much appreciated the business we had and wish more carriers would be the same.

Thomas G. Chamberlain III, Total Quality Logistics - Logistics Account Executive